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1 Quizzes

The home page of Road to Grammar features a set of 365 short quizzes with answers and notes. If you want to spend 10 minutes improving your English, this is the place to start.

2 Extended Practice/Vocabulary

These are slightly longer practice activities, usually containing 40 or more questions. Extended Practice focuses on complex grammar points and the Vocabulary section features vocabulary.

3 Games

Feel like a break? Here are 14 word games to try. Can you get a high score?

4 Business English

There are some activities specifically for Business English learners at roadtogrammar.com/businessenglish

5 Articles

Read short articles designed to help with grammar and vocabulary issues. articles.roadtogrammar.com

6 Keep in touch

Get daily grammar and vocab tips from RoadToGrammar's Instagram page: instagram.com/roadtogrammar

You can also view RoadToGrammar's Facebook page at facebook.com/roadtogrammar/



All materials on RoadtoGrammar work on any device, including smartboards and mobile devices.

1 Quizzes

Road to Grammar has a set of 365 short quizzes with answers and notes. Teachers can use these in various ways:

The quizzes can be accessed on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

To link directly to a quiz, use roadtogrammar.com/?<quiznumber>
For example, roadtogrammar.com/?1 links to quiz number one.

You can always place a link to RoadToGrammar on your blog or website. You do not need to ask permission, just go ahead and place the link.

2 Extended Practice

These are slightly longer practice activities, usually containing 40 or more questions. They will certainly be useful if you are doing that particular topic with your students.

The extended practice activities will work well on a Smartboard and can be carried out as a class activity. These activities can also work well as a warm-up activity. For example, you could do ten questions from the idioms activity (roadtogrammar.com/idioms) and see how many the class can get right.

3 Games

The FLUENT game can be used as a class activity with two teams (roadtogrammar.com/fluent).

There is a simple ESL Trivia game that is ideal as a warm-up activity: roadtogrammar.com/trivia

Simply divide the class into two teams and ask them to answer the question that appears. The first team to ten points wins (for example).

4 PDF Downloads

Apart from the quiz PDFs, there is a separate PDFs page that contains PDF downloads for teachers. They are mostly conversation practice handouts. Especially recommended are the conversation worksheets on fame, globalization, censorship, technology, the unexplained and capital punishment.

5 Units and courses

There is an entire Business English mini-course that comes with audio, teaching notes and answer key at: www.roadtogrammar.com/businessenglish/serendipity/

There are also units on Holidays, Health and Shopping and other topics at www.roadtogrammar.com/units

All of these can be printed out or done online. Feel free to use them as you wish.

6 Kids

There is a kids’ version of the site at: junior.roadtogrammar.com

The kids’ version has kid-friendly graphics and adult themes and references have been removed.

7 Business English

A selection of Business English resources is available at www.roadtogrammar.com/businessenglish
Resources include a Business English mini-course and instruction on how to write various emails.

8 Miscellaneous resources

Miscellaneous resources of interest to teachers are located at: www.roadtogrammar.com/tools

These include smartphone activities to do with your class, a program that can rate the difficulty level of a task and a collection of video units

9 Keep in touch

RoadToGrammar has a Twitter account for teacher talk and resources: twitter.com/roadtogrammar, username: @roadtogrammar

You can also view roadtogrammar's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/roadtogrammar/


Schools / Course Providers

Please feel free to use roadtogrammar.com to support your courses.

The quizzes can be used in class where there is an internet connection and smartboard or projector.

Course materials can be found at www.roadtogrammar.com/units

Customised materials can be produced (such as a version with your logo). Please direct enquiries to mail@roadtogrammar.com


Who created Road to Grammar?

I am an experienced teacher currently based in Asia, with twenty years of experience in ESL and e-learning. I maintain this site in my free time. Email me at mail@roadtogrammar.com with any queries.