Business English
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Adverbs of Manner and Viewpoint

Here are some examples of adverbs which we saw in the reading text:

A: The price can fluctuate wildly.
B: Should you keep your money safely in the bank.
C: Cryptocurrency is considered to be a highly risky investment.
D: Eventually, you pay off your student debts and you have some savings.

Adverbs that describe verbs

Sentences A and B contain examples of adverbs of manner. These adverbs give extra information about the verbs in each sentence. The adverb wildly describes the verb fluctuate to emphasise how the price changes. The adverb safely describes the verb keep.

Adverbs that describe adjectives

Sometimes an adverb can describe an adjective instead of a verb. This is what we see in sentence C. The adverb highly describes the adjective risky.