Job Satisfaction Activity Glossary

allowance - money given to an employee for a special purpose; for example, travel allowance
chauffeur - a person who is employed to drive a private or company car
commission - a special payment given for making a sale or a certain number of sales
consultant - a person who advises others as a job
cubicle - a small partitioned workspace within an office
demanding - difficult
fire - to fire an employee is to stop their employment
freelance - a freelance worker does not work full-time for a specific company, but works on projects for various companies
hire - to confirm someone for employment
increment - an increase (in salary)
insurance - money given to an employee in case of special need (for example, hospitalisation), which is provided through an arrangement with an insurance company
intern - a trainee or student who works for little or no pay in order to gain experience
KPIs - Key Performance Indicators - a measure of how well an employee performs in their job
lucrative - profitable
PA - Personal Assistant
perk - benefit
permanent - full-time, the opposite of temporary
position - specific job; for example, George's position at Facebook is Software Engineer
resign - to formally stop work at a company
salary - money earned for work over a certain period
sexist - unfair towards a particular gender (usually female)
shift - period of work; for example, the night shift or the day shift
turnover - rate at which employees leave a company; turnover also means the amount of money made by a company in a specific period
unsociable - unfriendly, not allowing a person to fit in with normal society
wages - salary
workaholic - a person who works too much or who cannot seem to stop working