Discussion Questions
Talking about Pets

Before the Discussion

Do you know the following words and phrases?

exotic pet

Getting Ideas

We asked three students from around the world to talk about their pets. Here are their replies.

"In my country, a lot of people like cats. I had a pet cat when I was growing up. Its name was Snowflake. It was a very naughty cat! It wouldn't come when I called it. It didn't like to be cuddled and it scratched me so many times!"

"I got a puppy for my tenth birthday. It was a Dalmatian and I named him Spots. I like dogs because they are loyal and obedient. I remember when I used to come home from school and Spots would get very excited! He would bark and wag his tail and leap on me!"

"When I was small, I wasn't allowed to have a pet inside the house, but I was allowed to keep a rabbit in the garden. I named my rabbit Cappuccino because of her color. She was such cuddly and fluffy pet! She would hop all around the garden and make me laugh."


1 Do you have any pets? Describe them.
2 What animals make the best pets?
3 Do you prefer cats or dogs?
4 Would you keep an exotic pet such as a snake or a spider?
5 Which pets are very expensive to keep and why?
6 What kinds of pets can be dangerous?
7 What kinds of pets can do tricks?
8 Which pets are best for small children? For the elderly?
9 What are the benefits of having a pet?
10 What are the challenges of keeping a pet?