Lesson Library

Suitable for CEFR levels B1-B2

Here is a collection of bite-sized English lessons for ESL learners on various topics. Each module contains:
- vocabulary
- either two short listening activities or a reading activity
- a grammar topic and questions
- a conversation activity

These lessons work on a laptop or phone. They work well on a smartboard in class, too! Each one takes about 10 - 20 minutes to complete.

This is the self-study version. The teachers' version (with discussion/writing questions and notes feature) is here.

Lesson 1
Listening: My Rich Uncle
Grammar: Past tense modals
Lesson 1a
Reading: The Lottery Winner
Grammar: Past tense modals
Lesson 2
Listening: I Need to Lose Weight
Grammar: SO and SUCH
Lesson 2a
Reading: Instastressed!
Grammar: Relative Clauses
Lesson 3
Are You Feeling Okay?
Grammar: Verbs that are the same in past tense
Lesson 3a
Reading: The Deaf CEO
Grammar: Gerunds and Infinitives
Lesson 4
Listening: The Sore Loser
Lesson 4a
Reading: Where Does Soccer Come From?
Grammar: Passive voice
Lesson 5
Listening: My New Boyfriend
Grammar: Reported speech
Lesson 5a
Reading: A Friend in Need
Lesson 6
Listening: A New Restaurant
Grammar: Present continuous for discussing the future
Lesson 6a
Reading: The Maverick Chef
Grammar: Adverbial phrases
Lesson 7
Listening: I Heard You Were Robbed
Grammar: Past continuous
Lesson 7a
Reading: The Stupid Thief
Grammar: BE ABLE TO
Lesson 8
Listening: Changes
Grammar: HAVE or GET something done
Lesson 8a
Reading: From Jailbird to Songbird
Grammar: Past perfect
Lesson 9
Listening: Repairs and Renovation
Grammar: Agreeing and disagreeing
Lesson 9a
Reading: The Biggest House in America
Grammar: Passive modals
Lesson 10
Listening: Getting Married
Grammar: Present perfect questions
Lesson 10a
Reading: Nobody Is Getting Married
Grammar: SINCE and FOR