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Free English Test (CEFR)

This is a free 20-minute test that will find your CEFR level (A1-C2). It includes questions on vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading.

At the end of the test, you will get a detailed report on your strengths and weaknesses.

Text Analysis Tool

If you have a soft copy of a text that you wish to use as a reading exercise with your ESL students, you can use the Text Analyzer to:

  • determine the approximate level of proficiency that the text is suitable for
  • generate a suggested vocabulary list
  • get meanings for the suggested vocabulary list
  • highlight advanced words to help you simplify the text

Conversation Question Sets

50 sets of conversation questions on different topics that you can use with your smartboard. Each set contains six questions. There is also a PDF version available for download.

Warm-up Conversation Questions

A collection of 100 warm-up/icebreaker conversation questions that you can use with your smartboard. The questions are categorised into nine major topic areas.

Video Lessons

A collection of video-based lessons that your students will love. Each one features a short video, vocabulary, a comprehension quiz, discussion questions and language reference.

Guided Online Lessons

20 short lessons to use with your online classes (B1 - B2) or with a smartboard in class. The lessons have either a listening or reading focus in addition to vocabulary, grammar, conversation questions and a writing task.

CEFR Level Descriptors

Many activities on this site are benchmarked to the CEFR framework. This is a reference page for the CEFR Level descriptors.

Make a Sentence

Challenge your students to make a sentence with these random words.

Exploring Words

This is a series of pages looking at simple words in more depth - their multiple meanings, idioms, phrasal verbs and so on. They are designed to add depth to your students' vocabulary.


Conditional Question Generator

Create conditional question sets: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional and third conditional.

TKT Test Practice

Here are some resources for the TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test).

Grammar Terms
Phonetic Symbols
Lexical Terms

Classroom Trivia Game

Project this on your smartboard and you have an instant ESL Trivia game.

Smartphone Games and Activities for the ESL Classroom

A series of games and activities that your ESL students can do on their smartphones

Vocabulary Sets

These are vocabulary sets, presented as a slideshow, suitable for smartboards or projectors.

The Supernatural
The Environment
Courtroom Language