Answer Key: Unit 1


Which words go in these blanks:

1 I am responsible ____ checking the inventory.
A: for

2 I liaise ____ the regional manager.
A: with

3 I report ____ Mr Greene.
A: to

4 Sarah deals ____ the urgent enquiries.
A: with

5 I need to prepare ____ tomorrow’s meeting.
A: for

6 Jack usually ____ the minutes of our meetings.
A: takes

7 Frank is in charge ____ our new recruits.
A: of

8 I rely ____ my PA to schedule my appointments.
A: on

9 Ahmad takes care ____ any maintenance issues.
A: of

10 Rose comes up ____ artwork for our website.
A: with


First listening:

What does each person do?
Person 1: Occupational health doctor
Person 2: Loan officer
Person 3: Web designer
Person 4: HR manager
Person 5: Auditor

Second Listening:

1 Which person needs to keep up-to-date?
A: web designer

2 Which person sometimes needs to write reports?
A: occupational health doctor

3 Which person requires mathematical skills?
A: auditor

4 Which person leads a team?
A: HR manager

5 Which person approves applications?
A: loan officer

The Big Picture

1 Which verb tense is used throughout the job descriptions and why?
A: The present simple tense. The people are describing their daily activities

2 In the third job description, what does the word ‘fussy’ mean?
A: picky, choosy, not easily satisfied


Unit 2


See if you can correct the common errors in the following sentences:

1 In my opinion, I think cats make better pets than dogs.
A: We shouldn’t use ‘in my opinion’ together with ‘I think’

2 I’m think that we should choose the red one.
A: I think

3 You should to apologise to him about it.
A: You should apologise

4 According George, UFOs really do exist.
A: According to George

5 I’m not think it’s a good idea to postpone the meeting.
A: I don’t think

6 I’m agree that we need to hire more staff.
A: I agree

7 In my opinion that an expensive sports car is a waste of money.
A: In my opinion, an expensive…

8 I think that give some of the profits to charity is a great idea!
A: giving


Unit 3


See if you know the following words that could be used to describe products or services:

1 The word rugged might be used to describe _______.
B | a jeep

2 The word user-friendly might be used to describe _______.
A | a piece of software

3The word sleek might be used to describe _______.
A | a car

4 The word trendy might be used to describe _______.
C | a cafe

5 The word nutritious might be used to describe _______.
A | a snack

6 The word authentic might be used to describe _______.
C | an Italian pasta sauce

7 The word eco-friendly might be used to describe _______.
B | a light bulb

8 The word efficient might be used to describe _______.
C | an industrial machine

9 The word portable might be used to describe _______.
A | a tablet computer

10 The word personalised might be used to describe _______.
C | a fitness program

11 The word low-carb might be used to describe _______.
B | a snack

12 The word refreshing might be used to describe _______.
B | a beverage

13 The word informative might be used to describe _______.
A | a seminar

14 The word thrilling might be used to describe _______.
C | a rollercoaster

15 The word innovative might be used to describe _______.
B | a computer game

16 The word secure might be used to describe _______.
C | an online payment system

17 The word luxurious might be used to describe _______.
B | bubble bath

18 The word lighthearted might be used to describe _______.
B | a song

19 The word tender might be used to describe _______.
A | a chicken snack

20 The word crisp might be used to describe _______.
A | lettuce


Sample response:

Dear Ms Lawton,

Thank you for your email. We would love to cater your coming event.

We do customized menus for all of our events and we are able to provide a wide range of global cuisines, including Japanese. One of our specialists will be able to sit down with you before the event and plan the menu in detail.

Although we do not have any staff fluent in Japanese, several of our waiters are able to meet and greet Japanese clients and are able to say a few words.

We can cater for many special requests including halal food, vegetarian/vegan food and so on.

Our basic fee for a three-hour lunch event for 80 persons is $8000. Special requests, such as halal food, may add on to the cost. We will be able to give a precise figure after a short consultation.

I can confirm that we are available on June 5.

Once again, I would like to extend my appreciation to you for considering us for this event. We are eager to help you make it a resounding success

Best regards,

Colin Hawthorne,
Client Relations Manager
Sunshine Catering


Unit 4

Culture Quiz

1 In which South American country do people speak Portuguese?

2 How many states are there in the United States of America?

3 Name one country, apart from Germany, where people speak German.
Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lichenstein

4 Which country produces Samsung products?

5 Name three of the Persian Gulf States.
Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates

6 What currency is used in Russia?

7 How do you say ‘Goodbye’ in Japanese?

8 What is the capital of Egypt

9 Name a country in Africa that begins with Z
Zambia, Zimbabwe

10 In which country is Timbuktu?


First Listening

1 Budget airlines vary the prices for seats on a flight.

2 The price which is advertised is the final price the customer pays.

3 Budget airlines often only have one type of aircraft.

4 Budget airlines often have lengthy stopovers.

5 Employees working for budget airlines need to be versatile.

Second listening

1 Does the program paint a positive or negative picture of budget airlines?

2 What are some of the extra charges that you may face when using a budget airline?
Food, seat reservations, handling luggage

3 What are some ways that budget airlines cut costs?
Having one type of aircraft, no stopovers, flying early or late flights, staff multitasking

Grammar Task

Add the -ed ending where necessary in these sentences:

1. The movie we saw finished at 3:00.
2. I have always wanted to travel to Japan.
3. The journey was really fascinating.
4. Wong is interested in photography.
5. How do they manage to keep their prices so low and still make a profit?
6. Passengers are inspected as they pass through the scanner.
7. When asked to leave the plane, Jill flew into a rage.
8. I renewed my passport before I bought the plane tickets.
9. She is crying because she is scared.
10. If you feel confused, you can check it on the Internet.
11. Did you buy the car that you looked at the other day?
12. She had insisted that I carry her bags.
13. By the end of the summer, I will have lived here for two years.
14. They never ask permission before they leave early.
15. Pilots only need to be trained for one plane.
16. Priority will be awarded to those projects that are expected to bring in the most revenue.