Unit 17

Question Tags

1 isn’t it
2 aren’t we?
3 wasn’t it?
4 doesn’t he?
5 is he?
6 isn’t it?
7 are they?
8 would you?
9 doesn’t she?
10 doesn’t it?
11 isn’t it?
12 did he?


Task 1

Scenario 1
Steve is passive

Scenario 2
Jenny is passive-aggressive

Scenario 3
Brenda is aggressive

Scenario 4
Martin is assertive

Scenario 5
Rosia is passive-aggressive

Scenario 6
Sven’s is passive

Scenario 7
Ahmed is assertive

Scenario 8
Norman is aggressive

Unit 18

Listening Activity

tens of thousands: Number of people dying due to fake meds
10%: Percentage of medicine which is fake (worldwide)
25%: Percentage of medicine which is fake (developing countries)
30 billion dollars: Revenue yearly from Fake meds
50-90%: Percentage of medicine which is fake (some African nations)
250: Number of pharmacies in Mauritania
10%: Percentage of pharmacists in Mauritania that are licensed
3 million: Population of Mauritania

Which country is featured in the report?

What are the top three medicines that are counterfeited?
Medicines for AIDS, Malaria and TB (tuberculosis)

What causes this problem to be particularly bad in the country mentioned?
There are many unlicensed pharmacists

Counterfeit drugs can cause immunity to the real medicine. How?
They may contain a small amount of the real medicine

What solutions are suggested?

Vocabulary Activity

1 My jaw is _______. It’s the size a melon!

2 I need to replace the ________ on my hand.

3 You can’t store these chemicals here. It’s a fire _______.

4 Is your back stiff from sitting at the computer all day? You need a good _______.

5 If your flu is _______, then you’d better stay home. We wouldn’t want the whole office to catch it.

6 Have you ever tried any kind of alternative therapy, such as _______?

7 I had to provide a _______ sample for my medical check-up.

8 I shouldn’t drink coffee; I have high blood _______.

9 One of the workers has _______ his hand on the machinery.

10 You look so stressed out! Why not join me for my _______ class after work.

11 This pantry is filthy! I’m sure it’s _______.

12 My tooth ______! I’d better see a dentist.


Unit 19

Warm-Up Activity

Snippet 1
e The second speaker used sarcasm

Snippet 2
h The second speaker made a pun

Snippet 3
c The second speaker seemed to be no-nonsense

Snippet 4
d The second speaker was very indirect

Snippet 5
a The first speaker was speaking to a subordinate

Snippet 6
g The first speaker was speaking to a client   

Snippet 7
f The first speaker was speaking to a superior   

Snippet 8
b The second speaker was paraphrasing   

Question Forms Drill

1 Do
2 Have
3 Did
4 Is
5 Are
6 Is
7 Is
8 Have
9 Would/Could/Can/Will
10 Would
11 Were
12 Has


Sample answers:

1 Where is Ms Stevens?
Do you know where Ms Stevens is?

2 What time is it?
Do you know what time it is?

3 Is there an ATM machine near here?
Do you know if there is an ATM machine near here?

4 Do you like Vietnamese cuisine?
May I ask if you like Vietnamese cuisine?

5 Do you think this offer is generous?
May I know if you think this offer is generous?

6 How do you make apple tarts?
May I know how you make these apple tarts?

7 What do you think of the new smartphone?
May I ask what you think of the new smartphone?

8 Where did you buy that jacket?
May I ask where you bought that jacket?

9 When is the business news on tv?
Do you know when the business news is on tv?

10 What is the best website to find exchange rates?
Do you know what the best website is to find exchange rates?

Unit 20


Sentences to be crossed out:

2 Stress will cause all kinds of health problems.
3 But what cause the people to turn to crime?
4 People from broken families are more like to become criminals.
7 The people who engage in office politics consume the company’s times and resource for their own gains.
9 Keeping a pet can have a great positive in fact on your life.
10 Pets have a calming effect on us and they keep us feeling lonely.

Task 2

Suggested answers:

1 What are some of the effects of stress?
High blood pressure, headaches, stomach upsets, chest pains.

2 What are some of the causes of crime?
Poverty, unemployment, family background

3 Why do call centers have a high rate of turnover?
Low pay, long hours, irregular hours, routine and monotonous work, dealing with irate callers.

4 What are the effects of office politics?
Low productivity, weak morale, poor work ethics, effects on business strategy

5 What are the effects of owning a pet?
It calms us, keeps us from being lonely and is a great companion, teaches responsibility


Try these questions on the topic of causes and effects:

1 Drinking alcohol _________ liver problems.
B| causes

2 Some liver problems ___________ alcohol.
C| are caused by

3 A high birth rate _________ overpopulation.
A| leads to

4 ________ the rain, the open-air concert was postponed.
B| Due to

5 The project was delayed ___________ a late delivery of goods.
C| because of

6 _________ it was too costly to order from overseas, we developed our own.
A| Since

7 ________ it was too costly to order from overseas, we developed our own.
B| As

8 The vaccine was ineffective. _________, many died.
B| As a result

9 ___________ of the war, the dictator was imprisoned.
C| As a result

10 He lost his job. ____________, he could not cover his rent.
A| Consequently