Video Lessons

These videos are suitable for Upper Intermediate to Advanced ESL Learners. (B2 and up).

Each Video Lesson has an intro, a video, a vocab list, a quiz, a discussion, learning points and a script.

TED Talk: Try Something New for 30 Days

Google software engineer Matt Cutts talks about changing your life with 30-day challenges.

How Stuff Works: Is Coffee Harmful?

This video talks all about coffee and whether it is harmful or not.

TED Talk: Less Stuff, More Happiness

In Graham Hill's TED Talk, he argues that we will be happier if we 'downsize' and have less stuff.

The Cat Burglar

This news clip talks about a cat that steals things from his neighbors!

How to Sleep Better

This animated video gives advice to people who can't get to sleep at night.

The Power of Quiet

This animated talks about why we shouldn't ignore introverts.

Are You Human?

In Ze Frank's wacky TED Talk, he tests whether the audience is human or not!

Google Nose

Released as an April Fool's joke, this parody video introduces a new Google product: Google Nose.

Brian Tracy's Communication Tips

Famous Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy talks about ways to improve your communication.


This Disney video is all about furry, adorable meerkats.

Supermarket Tricks

This video explains the ways supermarkets use tricks to get us to spend more money.

Moyo the Elephant

Moyo is a lovable elephant, but he causes havoc when he gets inside the house!