Video Worksheet
Three Communication Tips


Brian Tracy explains three easy ways to improve your communication skills and become a better conversationalist


conversationalist - a person who is good at a conversation
pause- stop for a short time
classy- nice, sophisticate
simultaneously- at the same time
soak in- absorb, understand better
clarity- clearness
brilliant- great
clarification- making something clear
extensively- widely, in great detail
paraphrase- to repeat using your own words
fascinating- very interesting
self-esteem- confidence
your mind will wander- you will lose concentration

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Quick Quiz

1 What are the three benefits of pausing?
i) You avoid interrupting the speaker
ii) You show the speaker that you are giving careful consideration to his/her words
iii) You hear the other person better

2 What examples does Brian give for questioning for clarification?
i) How do you mean?
ii) How do you mean, exactly?

3 What is the third communication tip that Brian gives?
4 When you practise effective listening, other people will begin to find you ____
5 Your mind process words at 500-600 words per minute, but you can only talk at about ____
150 words per minute



Do you feel that you are a good conversationalist?

Are you a good listener?

Does your mind wander when you are listening to someone?

What are some other ways to improve your communication skills?

Learning Points

1 Notice how we use the word 'key' to describe an important concept:

"Do you know the one key to becoming a great conversationalist?"
"The key is to pause before replying."

2 Notice how we can use the word 'never' to form a negative imperative sentence.

"Never assume that you understand what the other person is saying or trying to say."
"Never drive after drinking alcohol."

3 Notice how Brian structures his talk very carefully using 'signposting' language:

"The second benefit is that..."
"The third way to become a great conversationalist is..."
"Finally, listening builds self-esteem in the listener"