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Cool Facts about LEGO


LEGO pieces come in an array of colors, sizes, and kits and present vast creative opportunities. What parent hasn’t stepped on a tiny LEGO piece and cursed the colorful blocks that so delight children everywhere? Despite that, adults and kids alike can’t seem to get enough of them. Here are 10 cool facts about the iconic building blocks.


frenzied - crazy, extremely busy
calmer- quieter
shipping container- storage container on a ship
finely crafted- carefully or skillfully made
precise- careful, accurate
a handful- a small amount
loads- lots
obsessed with- always thinking about
consumers- buyers, shoppers
replica- copy
brimming- full to the top
in lieu of- instead of, in place of
resemble- look like

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Quick Quiz

1 During the holiday season, ___ Lego sets are sold every second.
2 You might find Lego on a beach! This is because _____ Lego pieces were lost from a ship.
5 million
3 Less than ____ in 1 million Lego pieces are rejected during the production process.
4 6 8-studded Lego bricks can be put together in ____ million different combinations.
5 Kids collectively spend ____ hours per years playing with Lego.
5 billion
6 _____ buy more Lego toys than anyone else.
7 The largest Lego structure ever made weighed ___ tons.
8 The Taj Mahal set contains nearly _____ pieces.
9 The Lego company once produced ____ Mr Gold figurines and placed them in random boxes of Lego.
10 The Lego company has really cool ____
business cards



Have you ever played with lego blocks?

What was your favourite toy as a child?

What are some other toys that can help kids to be creative?

These days, a lot of kidsspend time playing with tablets and smartphones instead of old-fashioned toys like Lego. Is this healthy?

Learning Points

1 We often use passive voice in this kind of report. Note these examples:

"They're finely crafted."
"They’re bought at a per-second rate of 7."
"...nearly 5 and a half million pieces were used to construct it"

2 Note how we often use SO and THAT to provide emphasis. Can you see the pattern?

"The manufacturing system is so precise that less than 20 in a million are considered sub par."
"It was so hot that many people fainted"
"I was so tired that I could hardly keep my eyes open"