Video Worksheet
The Power of Quiet


The world is full of noise. Those that are the loudest are the ones we tend to follow but what about the quiet ones?


extrovert - a person who is loud and confident
introvert- a person who is quiet and shy
charismatic- having a strong and likeable personality
assertive- confident and strong
dynamic- active
trait- aspect of personality
dazzling- amazing, great
showman (idiom)- a person who is good at entertaining others
solitary- alone

show definitions

Quick Quiz

1 The video talks about how _____ people are not as appreciated as ____ people.
introverted, extroverted
2 Researchers have found that there is no connection between ____ and ____
being the best talker, having the best ideas
3 The video mentions that extroverts were more appreciated as we moved from an _______ economy to a ____ economy
agricultural, corporate
4 The video uses the story of the ____ company as a case study



Do you consider yourself to be an introvert or an extrovert?

Can you think of any famous people who are introverts?

What are some personality traits that you admire?

What are some personality traits that annoy you?

Learning Points

1 Note how the different word forms are used:

Noun (concept): "For too long, we've looked at introversion only through its disadvantages."
Noun (person): "Down with extroverts; up with introverts."
Adjective: "...we are living in a society that is so overly extroverted"

2 Note how we form relative phrases with that or who to form more interesting sentence structures:

"These were the qualities that seemed to matter for interviews."
"The person who invented the Apple computer was Steve Wozniak..."