Video Worksheet
Are you human?


Have you ever wondered: Am I a human being? Ze Frank suggests a series of simple questions that will determine this. Please relax and follow the prompts. Let's begin …


booger - waste matter from inside your nose
aggression - anger or showing toughness
smushed (or smooshed)- squashed
fraud - fake, not genuine
temptation - something that you really want
futile - useless
blissfully - happily
awful - terrible

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Quick Quiz

Fill in the following blanks:

1 Have you ever ____ a booger long past your childhood? eaten
2Have you ever ____ something in real life, and then found yourself looking for an "undo" button in real life?  broken
3 Have you ever ____ at how someone you thought was so ordinary could suddenly become so beautiful? marveled
4 Have you ever ____ at your phone smiling like an idiot while texting with someone? stared
5 You have now ____ the test. completed


Discussion and group task

Why does De Frank think that these things make you human?

How would you distinguish a human from a lifelike robot?

Devise your own 'human' test. Write out ten questions.


Learning Points

Ze Frank makes use of the Present Perfect Tense throughout his talk, when he starts his questions with have you ever...:

"Have you ever had a nagging feeling that one day you will be discovered as a fraud?"

"Have you ever tried to guess someone else's password so many times that it locked their account?"

The Present Perfect Tense links the past and the present. The word ever means 'anytime up until now'. So when we ask a question beginning with 'have you ever...', we mean anytime in your life until now:

"Have you ever been to China?"

"Have you ever broken your arm?"