Video Worksheet
Google Nose


Google introduces a revolutionary new product... Google Nose!


scent - smell
overlook- forget, not notice
nook and cranny- small space, little place
fragrance- (nice) smell
flagship- important or number one
elegant- stylish
emulate- copy, reproduce
stop and smell the roses (idiom)- to take time to enjoy life
tomb- grave

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Quick Quiz

1 The video talks about an amazing new ____.
2 The designer was inspired by his ____.
3 The new product enables users to search for ____.
4 Can you use Google Nose on your mobile phone?
Yes, it works on 'quite a few' mobile devices
5 The end of the video showed three sample searches. What awere they?
a new car, a ghost, an Egyptian tomb



What is your favorite aroma?

What is one smell that you really can't stand?

Name a scent that reminds you of comfort.

Dogs and other animals have a much better sense of smell than humans. Do you wish you had a better sense of smell?

Learning Points

1 This video was released by Google as an April Fool's joke. Did they catch you out?

2 Some of the language used was technical jargon - a normal viewer would not be expectd to understand

"Photoauditorialfactory sensory convergence is a phenomenon that has been promised in science fiction for decades."

3 At the end of the video, they use a 'pun' (a trick where a word can have two meanings). Google Nose sounds like 'Google knows'

"...what does a new car smell like. Who knows the answer? Google Nose!"